* Summer *

Close Outs & Blow Outs !!

We're clearing out the remainder of our store room

in anticipation of several big new shipments and new model lines this fall.

Now's a great time to grab a great deal on Any/All Remaining B-Stock Guitars

Right now we have a number of beautiful guitars with minor finish blems

(mostly just a few weather-checks in top from a shipment during the coldest week of January!)

that we're blowing out at our crazy $297 B-Stock price - great time to grab one now!

FREE Local Pickup or Discounted $25 Insured Anywhere Shipping in USA !

(Includes reusable $20 PT Custom Double-Wall Shipping Box) 

Also "BAKERSFIELD" Gigbag Blowout Deal :

$27 (below cost!) your choice: Padded Retro Gigbag or Cafe Leather Studio Dustbag

Limited B-Stock remaining as of 5/26/20 :

# remaining






La CRESTA GT "Zuma Gold Sparkle" R / Rosewood fretboard

LITTLE JOE CT "Black Onyx Sparkle" M / Maple fretboard

"BAKERSFIELD" '62/69 DLX LTD "Vintage 'Burst" Maple board

"BAKERSFIELD" '62/69 DLX LTD "Vintage 'Burst" Rosewood

"BAKERSFIELD" RODEO DLX "Iced Tea 'Burst" Rosewood 

Some examples below of minor blem B-Stock issues :

(mostly just weather-checked tops from a recent shipment during the coldest cold snap of the year! :>(

Any other questions on B-Stock or to place an order please just email PT !